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Friday, January 6, 2012

Installing C/C++ compiler in Ubuntu|c++ package download for ubuntu linux|Running C/C++ program in ubuntu/linux

In this article I will be showing the way to install C/C++ compiler in ubuntu ,I am using ubuntu 10.04.
By the way it is same for all ubuntu distribution as far as I am concern. There are two things you will learn here,First is to install compiler and second is saving downloaded files so that if you install ubuntu again you don't need to download again all debian files.
Installing C/C++ compiler in Ubuntu|c++ package download for ubuntu linux|Running C/C++ program in ubuntu/linux
In debian distribution such as ubuntu is there are some binary packages with .deb as extension which are dependent on some other packages which are also with .deb extension. The compiler we will be installing is gcc for c and g++ for c++,g++ supports both c and c++.
First make sure that you should have internet connection on your machine.

Open the terminal by going through Applications->Accessories->Terminal.

Step 1: Update your machine as follows:
[sudo apt-get update]

Skip this step if you have already updated.

Step 2: Clean the cache
[sudo apt-get clean]

Step 3: Install the build-essential package which contains gcc(Gcc compiler collection) ,make utility and other utilities for installing the software from source,if you don't know about installing software from source then don't worrry you will learn by experience.

[sudo apt-get install build-essential]

Step 4: After installing copy the downloaded files so that you don't have to go through these downloads again as follows:
Make a directory on desktop named as build-essential as follows:
If you are in home directory which is shown by '~' sign in your terminal as

                           This shows your current location in the / directory

If you are not in your home directory then do as follows:
[cd ~]
[mkdir Desktop/build-essential]
[cp  /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb  Desktop/build-essential]
[sudo apt-get clean]

Now suppose you have installed ubuntu again on your computer and you need to install compiler again and you have stored build-essential directory that you have made above safe at some place then proceed as follows:

copy the build-essential directory on your Desktop and open the terminal ,reach to the home directory and do the following steps:

[sudo dpkg -i  Desktop/build-essential/*.deb]
In the above case I have stored and installed form Desktop and if you want to install and store at any other place then change the path accordingly.
Now you have installed compiler within seconds.
Running a c++ program

using namespace std;
int main()
cout<<"Hello world"<<endl;

Save it as first.cpp on your desktop.
Open the terminal and do as follows.
[g++ Desktop/first.cpp -o Desktop/first.o]
                                                      first.o will be created if no error occurs
[cd Desktop]

Running a C program

//using namespace std;
int main()
printf("Hello world\n");

Save it as second.c on your Desktop.

[g++ Desktop/second.c -o Desktop/second.o]
[cd Desktop]

Here you can use gcc or g++ as g++ supports both.

enjoy the day bhai......
If you have any question then write down the comments,I will be pleased to help you.