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Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Blog

Hello Friends,
Welcome to the world of linux,I am using ubuntu 10.04 lucid.It is a debian based linux operating system.Are you tired of being a stage player of windows. When I started using linux,I want to do every thing on it as windows. Comparing linux and windows does not suit linux. Linux is far better platform for the new as well as programmers.Have you ever uninstall the desktop of windows operating system,do you  know the source code of windows media player,can you uninstall it answer is no and no.
You can play with linux and do that was restricted by windows,look into the source code of the softwares you are using,uninstall your desktop and change every little thing you have never wonder to take a try at it. Windows gives windows but linux gives you the whole house. I hope you and me will make this house a large one.

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